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Sometimes a drive down a different road can change your life. For our family, “our road” ended up being the notable Albany post road in the historic Hudson River Valley.


When Harry and Carole Robibero purchased the 42 acre land in 2003 there was an existing winery on the property. Harry’s love for land and wine goes back decades. He dreamed of one day following in his grandfather’s footsteps and making outstanding wines. Luckily for him that dream happened sooner then he planned.


In 2007 opportunity knocked unexpectedly when the current winery operating on the premise gave notice that they were vacating to a new location. It was at that point Harry, Carole and the Robibero family decided to follow their passion and pursue their dream of opening a winery. 

Starting this venture there have been times when we thought the combination of being sleep deprived from the long days of vigorous labor during the renovations, followed by long commutes back to Westchester, to then spend endless hours doing paperwork were never going to end.  


Not to mention, the beginning of our journey started at one of the worst economic crisis our country has seen. While everyone was saving their money, we were putting our blood sweat and tears into making this happen.


Following your dream does require hard work and making difficult choices and we wouldn’t change our decision for anything.


Our journey has been exciting, challenging, enlightening and humbling… and it has only just begun. 

Image by jose alfonso sierra
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